The right bookcase provides different solutions: from the design to the finishing, from its location to its use.

Our joinery realize customized bookcases of solid nature meant to last. We realize open shelving storage unit and two-sides ones, with closing doors, with adjustable high and any other of your requirements. With a wide range of style, size and finishing we realize any of your projects. A customized library will express your personality by selecting the right design in accordance with your home or office styles. Customized bookcase can also have double functions: as a book storage unit or separator of internal area. We realize solid and practical modular bookcase for archive and libraries.

We rescue and restore your bookcases giving them a new look. A wise use of your room space allows you to create practical and tasteful aerea for your books and items.

Our creation

From classic to modern art, for your home or your business, we realize customized furniture.

At your disposal, in our joinery, a qualified and skilled craftmen engaged in furniture conservation and restoration.


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